Letting Go


   “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage

to lose sight of the shore”.  Christopher Columbus

                      It’s human nature to seek the known, to seek stasis.  Ironically it’s life’s nature to be unpredictable and inconsistent.  You plan to be married for life; then your spouse leaves or dies.  You plan to work until retirement but your workplace reorganizes or closes.  You planned to retire but new financial realities make that unlikely.  You plan to enjoy your grandchildren but you didn’t plan on your children living across the country…or across the world.  The course you’ve charted can no longer get you where you planned  to go.

Many of us only look to cross the ocean of unknown when we are forced to.  Sometimes courage to lose sight of our shore is really the forced movement of fear knowing we simply can’t stay where we are because what we had no longer exists.  That’s okay.  WE may be stepping out of our comfort zone for the first time.  Doing so may take us places we couldn’t imagine.  All it takes are one or two positive movements to realize that embracing change can be a good thing.

We may not have sought it out, but in opening ourselves to change, we open ourselves to growth and wisdom and a world of possibilities.  Sometimes it is only in hindsight that we can say ” I would not have chosen this but now I know, I can handle anything”.   As you face your ocean of unknown, you might not have a boat to sail in but you can still learn to swim if you choose to.

Thought to Ponder:   What is the ocean you are facing?  What is one positive step you can take today to improve your circumstances?

My Best to you!



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