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We all experience times of stress and difficulty  in life and it may be hard to know when to seek professional help.

Some of the common reasons people seek counseling  are:

-Strained or difficult relationships

-Chronic illness or a compromised immune system

-Chronic anger, excess worry or sadness that does not seem to go away over time

-Difficulty  adapting to change

-Trusted friends or coworkers express concern for you

We live in a culture that values rugged independence which can sometimes make it difficult to reach out for help even when it is needed.  The fact is, the earlier help is sought, the earlier you can begin to address the issues directly  which may ultimately save you  time and resources.

If you are worried about sharing something personal with a ‘stranger’, it may be helpful to know that there is likely very little your therapist or counselor has not already heard before.  However, the details will be uniquely yours and your therapist will be very interested in the these  as you begin your work together.

Research has shown that the single most important factor that determines success in counseling is the rapport and relationship you have with your therapist.  You should be able to feel at least somewhat comfortable with your therapist at your first session.  If not, don’t give up; see another therapist  to find one you feel you can work with.

If you feel like you’re in a corner and without choices, that is certainly a time you may want to seek out professional counseling.  Your therapist will help you identify not only stressors but also shore up your natural resiliency, teach new ways to manage stress, and help you think differently about the problems you are facing and potential solutions/approaches to them.

I would be honored to work with you as you face life’s challenges.  Call me at 616-402-8327. Please leave a voicemail if I do not pick up; I’m likely with a client but will call you back as soon as possible.




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