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  1. James Merrill says:

    Has your business ever wanted to set up a 401(k) but thought it was too expensive or complicated? Or your existing plan is nickel and diming you to death? Not anymore…

    At SaveDay, Safe Fiduciary 401(k) is easy to set up or transfer, easy to understand, and easy to manage. There is no cost to set up an employee 401(k) plan with us or switch from your current provider. We don’t hide extra fees in the small print, our investments are smart, transparent, and grow freely.

    If your business does currently provide a 401(k) plan, I’d like to give you a complimentary audit to show you what extra fees you’re being assessed, some of which you may not even be aware of. If you’re interested in starting one up for the first time, we can have a quick 5-minute introductory conversation to learn more about our programs.

    Please reply to this message if you’d like more information.

    James Merrill
    Business Development Officer
    (512) 957-6674

  2. Karl Martin says:

    Hi Marsha, I’m writing a “Part II” to a successful publication entitled “Finding Marya.”
    When I Google her (because you never know what has become available) your name keeps coming up. I’m assuming it’s the ski/sky associations, but maybe it’s something more. She did attend a Polish church – St. Adalbert’s in Providence – and I’ve been to mass there. Amazing space. Perhaps the Web believes she could have used your help, despite dying in 1974? My intuition is telling me we should collaborate on some writing, research or other project. I sent a Linkedin invitation just now.

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