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Grieving the death of a loved one is perhaps the greatest lifetime loss.  A grieving employee’s inability to concentrate at work can affect other employees as well as business productivity and revenue.  

Grief at Work is   a comprehensive bereavement support system providing programs and services to businesses and   their grieving employees both before and after a loss.  Grief at Work provides an effective balance   between productivity and compassion by focusing on awareness, education and   supportive interaction between supervisors, grieving employees and their coworkersThe   Grief at Work program seeks to eliminate the “avoidance method”   which fails to address the grieving employee’s most basic needs.

 Grief at Work Programs:

3 hour Educational Session equips mangers, and HR professionals with practical information and skills to manage grief.

1 hour Lunch and Learn program promotes a culture of compassion through a proactive approach to  coping with grief.

1.5 hour Support Session offers direct support to employees dealing with or anticipating the death of a loved one.

Grief Coaching Phone Calls provide focused support helping employees cope with and move through grief.

Grief at Work benefits:

–  A customized program tailored to the needs and culture of your organization

–  A process to improve employee productivity, morale and retention

–  Ongoing support to employees, which decreases absenteeism and increases loyalty

The Grief Index* demonstrated that the true costs of grief:

• 30 work days lost per year by each grieving employee without support from coworkers   managers.

• 20% of employees will continue losing work days for more than a year.

• $125,000 is the average annual cost in lost productivity for a business of 400 employees.

                                                      *John W. James and  Russell Friedman                                     

Despite recognition luncheons, social events and wellness initiatives, all an employee will remember is how they were treated during the most difficult time of their life.

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