Traumatic Incident Reduction

                                                    A Method to Permanently  Reduce
                                                               the Effects of Trauma



Traumatic incident Reduction or  TIR, is a highly structured method  proven to be effective in addressing and resolving most of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other unwanted after effects of trauma.  Having a trauma in the past can complicate grieving a loss in the present.

TIR is an exposure method that allows the “viewer” (client) to look at the trauma in their own mental environment, repeating the incident until it no longer has the power to disturb them. TIR can be used to reduce trauma due to:

-natural disasters


-Medical procedures


-Any major shock, loss or stressful event (such witnessing a murder or being told you have a terminal illness, for example.)

TIR also works with unwanted feelings, sensations, attitude or physical pain of unknown origin. So even though you  might not consciously recall the original event that sparked your current mental, emotional or physical discomfort, TIR may still work for you to uncover the repressed memory of the original event, examine it and safely discharge the emotion around it.

TIR sessions run an average of 1  1/2 to 2 hours but  could take less time or more time. The goal is to get to an “end point where there is not only the absence of negative feelings, but positive feelings are experienced.

TIR is person centered and  as facilitator I do not  “interpret”  this for you  or interact in any way as I would  do in a typical counseling or therapy session. Having a competent facilitator, trusting the process, and having the time to devote to it allows the you the viewer to uncover repressed feelings in a safe place and know they will be walked though to a positive conclusion.

I provide a thorough screening  prior to the actual TIR appointment to ensure that it is the proper intervention for you.  I also take you through a pleasant memory first using the TIR process to help you be as comfortable with and knowledgeable about it as possible. Check out the frequently asked questions about TIR by clicking the link in the first paragraph.

I received my training in Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) with Marian Volkman, a Certified Trauma Specialist who has practiced TIR since 1984.  For more information or to see if TIR may benefit you, please contact me at 616-402-8327.

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