Grief Counseling and Coaching

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When we experience a major loss or transition, what is often most helpful is the support of  loved ones and friends who know us well.  Sometimes,  for various reasons, the availability of such support may be limited or completely unavailable to you. So what can you do?  Staying isolated can keep you stuck and alone in your grief . Please consider Grief Counseling or Coaching to receive the support you need – and deserve – at this critical time.

Grief Counseling      

If you feel isolated or without sufficient support, if the death was sudden and/or traumatic, or if time has passed and in the business of everyday life you have not felt able to grieve, it can leave you paralyzed and ultimately affect your physical health.  Grief counseling may be helpful to you to provide the caring witness we all need as we mourn.  Grief counseling can help you identify  ways to locate safe and caring support in your day to day life, understand the  nature of your grief in all its uniqueness, and  allow you to grieve as fully as possible in healthy ways. Being open to learning the meaning in your loss is possible, for even the most devastating loss, if you are open to it.  When grievers give meaning to what seems meaningless, they often discover a way to continue honoring their loved one while looking to the future with hope, something your loved one would want for you.

Grief counseling is offered in person.   My office is at:

Community Wellness Associates,

950 Taylor St.,  Suite 100

Grand Haven, MI 49417

Grief Coaching

Perhaps you feel isolated or without sufficient support and need the caring witness that is so vital to moving through grief.  Or perhaps you are still grieving but ready to begin looking at creating your future, a new beginning.    That’s when Grief Coaching may be beneficial.  Grief Coaching is designed to offer you a safe supportive environment where you can grieve your loss, give it meaning, honor the past while beginning to see a vision for your future.   Coaching is offered by phone or Skype.  I offer a 30 minute  complementary 30 minute session to see how grief coaching may benefit you,

To schedule either a counseling or coaching session, please contact me at or call me directly at 616-402-8327 .

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